Airport Security

Gulf Shores International Airport has implemented a security plan and system based on recommendations by TSA. Our security system exists to reduce the security risks and vulnerabilities associated with General Aviation operations.

Secure fencing with electronic gates, accessible only by security card clearance, are monitored by security cameras. These access areas are monitored and operated on site and remotely.

The responsibilities of JKA’s airport operations office are to monitor the functioning of the system and ensure that it runs smoothly. They also monitor, process and approve security access of every individual at JKA. It is their job to obtain information needed and maintain records on all current and former employees and all individuals given access to any restricted area at JKA.

Applications must be returned for processing in the airport operations office on the second floor of the Administration Building at JKA. The application screening and the classification is completed and designated by the Airport Authority. There is a $20.00 fee for new applications, $10.00 annual renewal fee and a $10.00 fee for lost, damaged or stolen cards.

Security badge application  (payment app) (link)

Facility Information-Planned

  • Air traffic control facility
  • Airport rescue and fire station
  • Air carrier terminal

Facility Information-Existing

Runway Information

  • 9 – 6,500 ft.
  • 27 – 6,962 ft.
  • 17 – 3,596 ft.
  • 35 – 3,276 ft.

Navigation Aids

  • ILS
  • Localizer
  • AWOS