What does an airplane pilot do when he decides to move to our little piece of paradise? Joe Todor found the answer and it is exciting news for all of us along the Gulf Coast!

Mr. Todor spent most of his life in Denver Colorado and flew for many years as a transport pilot for medical emergencies and corporate charters. He received his pilot’s license at age 17 when he was a junior in high school. His experience with Air Charter and Air Ambulance spans 40 years in aircraft such as the Cessna 441 Conquest and the Lear jet.

In June of 2017 Joe moved from Denver to enjoy the warmer climate. He immediately saw a need for Corporate Charter and Air Ambulance along the Emerald Coast.  In April of 2018 he made application to the FAA for an Air Carrier Certificate that includes on demand Charter and Patient Transport.

After deciding to go forward with getting certification to form an Air Charter/Air Ambulance company, Joe began searching for a person that possessed both a medical and marketing background to assist him with seeing that his dream become a reality. He found her at his local doctor’s office. After meeting and getting to know Bethany Kottsick, he knew that with her medical experience and marketing experience she would be a perfect fit for the job. Chief Flight Nurse, Michelle Sherrod, was the next to join the crew and having worked on Air Ambulance before, she knew what it took to get the job done.  With Joe’s knowledge of the air charter industry, Bethany’s knowledge of marketing, and Michelle’s medical expertise he knew it was a WIN/WIN!

Finally, after 11 months of developing manuals, training programs and business organization development Joe was awarded a certificate by the FAA. Certificate number 4JLA093Q now hangs on the office wall at Jack Edwards Airport, and the King Air B200 stands ready to service the needs of the corporate community and all medical institutions here along the Gulf Coast.

“What are locals saying about this fantastic asset to our community? “

“Very exciting and there is not a more competent Pilot than Joe Todor, and this is from my personal experience. This area has needed a corporate charter for years. And the fact that we can now have an Air Ambulance service too, makes it even better! Congratulations!” Leonard Kaiser- Owner Kaiser Real Estate

“It is GREAT to see an Air Ambulance service and Charter service finally get established at Jack Edwards. I have been involved in Aviation for the last 15 years and have always seen the need for both. Joe Todor is certainly the person to make it happen!” Eddie Spence – Local Businessman and Entrepreneur

“An important Fixture at Jack Edwards Airport” Jennifer Rosnagle- Accountant Gulf Air Center

“Gulf Air center is proud to support such an asset to the community.” Shawnda Henderson-General Manager Gulf Air Center

“I’ve been a solo family practitioner in Gulf Shores since 1985 and have seen many changes during that time. The addition of an Air Ambulance has been needed for a long time and is a great addition to our healthcare services. This service allows our patients the capability for more extensive medical services quickly. Medical facilities like MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, UAB (to list a few) are just a short flight away. I am thrilled that Mr. Todor has worked to make this happen for our community.”-   Thomas J. Davidson M.D

For a QUOTE or more information, please visit their website at www.charterflightsUSA.com or www.intensiveaircare.com or call 251-233-5356.

Press Release submitted by Bethany Kottsick, Marketing Director, Charter Air Inc.