Gulf Shores International Airport has implemented a security plan and system based on recommendations by TSA. Our security system exists to reduce the security risks and vulnerabilities associated with General Aviation operations and future air carrier operations.

Secure fencing with electronic gates, accessible only by security card clearance, are monitored by security cameras. These access areas are monitored and operated on site and remotely.

The responsibilities of JKA’s airport operations office is to monitor the functioning of the system and ensure that it runs smoothly. They also monitor, process and approve security access of every authorized individual at JKA. It is their job to obtain information needed and maintain records on all current and former employees and all individuals given access to any restricted area at JKA

 Hours of Operation

                                  Monday through Thursday – 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                  All badging related operations require an                                                                appointment.

                                     Badge Issue- Non- Movement  $30.00                                                                               Badge Issue- Movement  $50.00                                                                                         Payment by check or credit card is due at the time of                                                   processing.                                                                                                                                 No cash payments accepted. 

 Forms and Applications

                          •  Badge and Fingerprint/ STA Application
                          •  I-9 Acceptable Documents list
                          •  Safety Security Responsibility Agreement
                          •  Privacy Act Statement
                          •  Authorized-Signature-Letter-Form-                                                                              Ground Vehicle Procedures Guide 

Two forms of ID will be required for processing, please review Form I-9 for a list of all acceptable documents. These must be the original documents and not a duplicate or photocopy. All forms must be hand delivered to the badging office.

Badging and Operations

In compliance with 49 CFR, Part 1542, all users of the airport must have the proper security and identification credentials to access airport properties.

Steps to complete the badge application process:

1.  Talk with your employer/hangar owner about getting an airport badge.                                                                                                                                                                            2.  Review the Privacy Act Statement and complete the Badge and Fingerprint/ STA Application.
3.  Drop-in appointments are not allowed. Please call the badging office to schedule your appointment. Two forms of ID are required for this appointment.
4.  After the application has been completed, badge applicants will be required to attend Security and Movement Area or Non Movement Area training. Additional training will be required for Movement Area applicants. Training Classes are scheduled by appointment only. 
5.  Training is required for renewal applications and must be enrolled through the badging office. A valid email address is required to send the training information.

Authorized Signatories

Signatory Authority is granted to company representatives who are authorized to request fingerprinting and the issuance of identification badges for their employees or tenants. Signatory authority holders are company supervisory personnel who are entrusted to verify employment background and work authorization documents. The number of signatory authority holders for each company varies, but is limited to a maximum of two (2) per company. Requests to amend signatory authority must be made in writing by company leadership on company letterhead. Individuals designated as authorized signatories, must receive initial authorized signatory training as well as annual recurrent training. Classes must be scheduled through the badging office.
NOTE: All signatories must first be badged before given authorization to sign for others in their respective company or organization.

Badging Office Contact Information
The Airport Badging Office is located in the Airport Administration Building on the second floor.

3190 Airport Dr.
Gulf Shores, AL 36542
Phone: (251) 967-3969




Business and Aviation Park

Available for commercial use including maintenance; repair and overhaul; distribution; cargo; air terminal facilities; air charter; avionics; sales and repair and larger corporate operations

North Airport Development Sites

North Airport Development Sites


Since the City of Mobile has applied to reorganize the FTZ project under the Alternative Site-Management Framework, FTZ designation for any particular company’s site now involves a 30-day formal process, creating a great deal of flexibility for economic development opportunities. (This process is less time-consuming than the process of obtaining approval for FTZ activation by the local office of U.S. Customs & Border Protection. The two processes can be conducted concurrently.




  • Air traffic control tower
  • 6,692 runway with full ILS
  • Runway and apron design for critical aircraft B-737
  • AWOS
  • Intracoastal access
  • FBO
  • International airport
  • Foreign trade zone-Any site on the airport can be designated FTZ and now involves a 30-day formal process, creating a great deal of flexibility for economic development opportunities.


  • New airline terminal, apron and parking facility
  • ARFF facility
  • New highway spur to beach express and new intracoastal bridge
  • Waterway district improvements

*Send all completed forms to the email address or mail to 3190 Airport Drive, Gulf Shores, AL 36542.