September 7, 2022

The Gulf Shores Airport Authority signed an agreement with TBI/VINCI Airports for construction of a new commercial air terminal at Gulf Shores International Airport, Gulf Shores, Alabama.  VINCI is the leading private airport owner/ developer in the world.  TBI/VINCI will build, manage, and operate the new facility with the Authority maintaining operational control of the airport.  TBI/VINCI and the Authority will jointly market for new entrants to service one of the largest leisure market sites on the Gulf Coast with over 8,000,000 visitors annually.

The project involves a two-phased approach with an estimated $3.7 M initial investment in interim facilities that will be in operation by March 1 of 2023.  Design work will begin on the permanent structure once passenger enplanements  reach 75,000 with construction to begin at 125,000 enplanements.   Scott Fuller, Airport Director stated, “ with the level of interest and existing demand, we don’t plan to be in the interim for long.  The only reason to address interim facilities is to accommodate traffic now and not wait for a two-year design and construction project to be completed.” “We have already passed on two projected startup requests for lack of adequate facilities” stated Vic Roberts, Chairman of the Gulf Shores Airport Authority.

The Authority was assisted in the solicitation and negotiation process by BJSA, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio.

For more information about Gulf Shores International Airport, please call the Gulf Shores Airport Authority at 251-967-3968.