Air Services

Aircraft Detailing
Full Service FBO
  • Gulf Air Center (251) 968-5200
Aircraft Maintenance
Flight Schools / Tour Operators
Local Customs Contact

(251) 378-7600 ext.3 work

Hangar Rental Contacts
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Ground Transportation

Taxi/Limo Services
Ride Share
  • Lyft
  • UBER
Rental Cars

Conference Room

The Airport Authority’s Executive conference room is available to all users for fly-in meetings.  Features for this room include wireless internet, LAN line connection, a Polycom hands-free conference phone and a 70″ wall mounted flat screen TV with computer-generated presentation capabilities.  Other features include a wet bar, refrigerator, coffee maker and ice maker. Use form below to send a request, or for more information contact the Airport Authority office at (251) 967-3968 or email Shawnda Rebain at Srebain@flyjkacom.

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    It is recommended to add at least 30 minutes before and after actual event.